My Word Is My Bond - Finally here!

My word is my bond is finally out. For us that are huge Roger Moore and James Bond fans, this is a book release that we have been waiting for. Now that I have the book in my hands, I cant wait to get started on it.
Unfortunately I was one of those unlucky ones who had to wait a looong time for my copy of "My Word Is My Bond" to arrive. I know several others have had the same problem, but I dont know what the reason for the delay is...

My expectations for My Word Is My Bond are pretty big. I expect that Roger Moore, who now is in his 80s, has a lot to tell from a long life in the movie business. He is the actor who has played James Bond in most movies, and that in itself should make for some pretty exiting stories. Think about what he could tell about all the behind camera drama that must have happened during the filming.

Roger Moore has publicly stated that My Word Is My Bond will not be a book where he tells a lot of shocking and bad things about fellow actors. He said "If I don't have anything good to say about people, i'd rather not say anything." I think this says a lot about the gentleman Roger Moore. He is a prime example of the English gentleman.

I also expect that My Word Is My Bond will deal with Roger Moore's work for UNICEF. In the later years it has been one of his most important tasks, and he has represented the organization in an exellent manner.

I will post a review of My Word Is My Bond as soon as i have read it, so check back in a couple of days..

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